Change position.
To stay active.

Self-adjusting chairs for many users and medium sitting.

Active - for the office in motion

Developed to fit up to 95% of all back profiles, the Active series is perfect for areas and workstations with one or more users. You will to be able to sit comfortably regardless of sitting position and move quickly and easily when needed. R3 and R2 are ergonomic office chairs with a backrest spring system and swing self-balancing function that automatically position you in an ergonomically correct sitting position. Active High5 is the market's only standing support chair that provides full support for the back. It works just as well in an active workshop as for medium-concentrated work at a desk.

  • Developed for 4 - 8 hours sitting
  • Suitable for meeting rooms and shared seating areas
  • Quick-set and self-shaping comfort

Change position. To think clearly.

The balance between activity and focus is central to all modern workplaces. At Malmstolen, we know what it takes to really find focus when we sit and work. It’s a complex interplay between body and environment. We use our deep knowledge of ergonomics, superior product quality and our long experience to we help people make a positive change. Forever.

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