Change conditions.
To be individual.

Personalized chairs for long sitting.

Individual - designed just for you

The Individual series includes some of our most exclusive and ergonomically advanced chairs. As the chairs are configured according to your natural back profile, they are primarily aimed at those who have a personal workplace where day-to-day work involves long hours of sitting. To ensure optimal ergonomic conditions, over 20 years of experience is combined with adherence to scientific reports to create Individual’s unique design. These chairs are approved for all-day sitting and can be adjusted to fit persons with back problems or existing back injuries.

  • Designed for 8h+ sitting
  • Suitable for personal workplaces
  • Individually configured according to the user's needs

Change position. To think clearly.

he balance between activity and focus is central to all modern workplaces. At Malmstolen, we know what it takes to really find focus when we sit and work. It’s a complex interplay between body and environment. We use our deep knowledge of ergonomics, superior product quality and our long experience to we help people make a positive change. Forever.

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