Change for good

The balance between activity and focus is central to all modern workplaces. It’s a complex interplay between body and environment. At Malmstolen, we know what it takes to truly find focus when we sit and work. Our deep knowledge of ergonomics, high product quality and long experience lets us help people make a positive change. Forever.
We manufacture ergonomic work chairs for the modern office. Our goal is to create a more human-focused working life, where tools are shaped according to the person and the work situation - not the other way around. That’s why we start all our product development by taking the user’s needs and conditions as a starting point.
The result is seating solutions that prevent and alleviate existing injuries – while keeping you alert and focused longer. Because we want you to be sure that the chair you choose is not only comfortable today but will continue to provide support, relief, relaxation and freedom of movement for many years to come. Contact us for the right design for the right occasions and sitting habits

Pascal by DUX®-sits

Our unique Pascal by DUX® seat is made with springs from the Swedish bed manufacturer DUX®. By adapting its shape to the user and distributing the body weight more evenly over the contact surface towards the seat, the blood circulation in the legs is improved. A more comfortable seat that keeps you fresh and alert longer.