What is ergonomics?

The Importance of Ergonomics for Well-being

Ergonomics is about creating conditions to promote well-being and avoid certain types of injuries and discomfort. It pertains to life quality, whether you’re at work or home. That’s why you should take ergonomics very seriously.


Malmstolen’s Focus on Strain Ergonomics

At Malmstolen, we prioritize strain ergonomics, a critical branch of overarching ergonomics. Strain ergonomics focuses on how workloads affect the body’s movement system, including elements like muscles, tendons, bones, cartilage, ligaments, and nerves that enable human movement and postures.


Risks of Wear and Tear Injuries

Wear and tear injuries, also known as strain injuries, result from physical overexertion through repetitive motions or improper postures. These injuries can lead to inflammations in muscles, tendons, and bones, and can also affect nerves and blood vessels, resulting in pain.


Preventive Measures through Ergonomics

To prevent these injuries, ergonomics is the key. Scientific findings and practical studies have demonstrated how adjustments in the work environment, such as the right tools, lighting, or a correctly adjusted work chair, can minimize risks. Individual adjustments based on ergonomic principles are essential to prevent these injuries in every unique work environment.


Systematic Work Environment Efforts and Additional Resources

Preventing and addressing risks of strain discomfort is part of systematic work environment efforts.