WICA Cold AB: A strong example of successful implementation of ergonomic design

WICA Cold AB is a growing company that manufactures refrigeration and freezing equipment for grocery stores, with roots dating back to 1957. They are located in bright, modern premises in Vislanda, where various alternative office solutions are used. Some employees share a room, 3-4 people, while others have individual office rooms. The company is characterized by an open culture with a high ceiling and a strong belief in collaboration and flexibility.

Before WICA Cold AB started using Malmstolen's products, the company faced challenges with ergonomics, especially concerning employees with back, neck, and shoulder problems. Malmstolen's products were chosen for their high ergonomic quality and adaptability to individual height and weight.

"The main reason we chose Malmstolen was for the sake of ergonomics." Sophie Pantsar, HR Manager at WICA Cold AB

Since Malmstolen's products were introduced into WICA's work environment, positive effects have been noticed. Employees who have the Malmstolen are very satisfied and do not want to change their chair. The chair has not only contributed to alleviating back, neck, and shoulder problems, but it has also led to a decrease in costs for treatments with a chiropractor and naprapath. In addition to this, Malmstolen's products have demonstrated significant durability, reducing the frequency of chair replacements, generating further cost savings.

"We have reduced our costs for visits to chiropractors and naprapaths thanks to addressing the back problems of the employees." Sophie Pantsar, HR Manager at WICA Cold AB

This successful implementation of Malmstolen's products at WICA Cold AB is a powerful example of how ergonomic design can enhance the work environment and contribute to both health and economic benefits for a company. This aligns with Malmstolen's goal of creating office chairs that offer optimal comfort and support, which in turn can lead to increased productivity and reduced healthcare costs.


Vislanda, Sweden