Siemens Financial Services AB: Where Collaboration, Health, & Ergonomics Go Hand in Hand

Siemens Financial Services AB in Umeå has long prioritized the health of its employees by creating an ergonomic work environment. Their journey with Malmstolen began on the recommendation of an interior architect and has since been a crucial factor in their pursuit of a healthy workplace.

"At Siemens, we've really felt the positive effects since we started using Malmstolen. It gives us extra assurance that a representative from Malmstolen comes by to check on things, both with us and the chairs' settings." - Patrik at Siemens Financial Services AB

In their office landscape, where a fixed workstation is the norm, Siemens has placed great emphasis on ergonomics as a central part of their health and well-being strategy. Regular surveys about employee health confirm that the chairs play a significant role in keeping them satisfied and healthy.

After several years of experience and positive results with Malmstolen's products, Siemens Financial Services AB continues to invest in the health and well-being of its employees.

Through a strong partnership with the dealer Senab in Umeå, Siemens reaffirms its commitment to offering a work environment where ergonomics and health go hand in hand. This long-term investment in Malmstolen's ergonomic chairs demonstrates Siemens' firm belief in the importance of a healthy workplace for both current and future employees.

Siemens Financial Services AB

Umeå, Sverige

Senab, Umeå

Classic 4000

Cura 60999