Investing in well-being and sustainability: Once Upon's choice of Malmstolen for their new office

Once Upon was born from founder Lina Andersson's need for a more user-friendly solution to create photo books.

Specializing in creating physical photo books from digital material, Once Upon made a strategic move in 2022 by expanding from their 100 square meter office to a new 1,000 square meter location in Skellefteå. This provided room for the company's growing team and ambitions.

In this larger setting, they were able to create an inspiring work environment with a focus on ergonomics, reuse, and a good sound environment. By choosing Malmstolen's office chairs, they could promote their working environment, while maintaining their commitment to sustainability and supporting their creative team.

"We've always focused on the work environment, but with our new premises, we got the opportunity to reconsider this from a completely new perspective. We grew a lot and developed out of our previous spaces, which led us to look closely at how we could improve the ergonomics of our workplace," Emma Marklund, People Partner at Once Upon.

The decision to invest in Malmstolen was no coincidence. Several team members had previous experiences with Malmstolen, and with sedentary work, it was crucial to find the right chair that met all criteria.

"When it came to the choice of chairs, it was important for us to think about color and design for a consistent theme with the rest of the office, as well as durability over time, in line with our work culture," Emma Marklund.

A feature that made a strong impression on Once Upon was the personal walkthrough that Malmstolen's salesperson, Birgitta, gave each employee. She offered an individual ergonomic course for each chair, which contributed to a more personal experience and reminded the team that every detail in their work environment has a thoughtful intent behind it.

For Once Upon, work culture, environment, and ergonomics are extremely important, with a shared environment that promotes well-being and creativity at the core of their work culture.

Once Upon Publishing AB

Skellefteå, Sweden

Classic 4000

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