Healthier Workdays: NYG's Experience with Malmstolen Office Chairs

In Collaboration with Kjellmann

The creative agency NYG chose to invest in Malmstolen office chairs following a recommendation from their occupational health service. The chairs were easily ordered online through Kjellmann Office. Upon receipt of the chairs, they were expertly assisted in adjusting and customizing each chair to suit each employee. This resulted in a transformative shift in NYG's work environment, significantly enhancing the comfort and well-being of their staff.

Before the implementation of the Malmstolen office chairs, many employees struggled with discomfort and pain from extended workdays that involved prolonged sitting. After receiving help in tailoring the chairs to their individual needs, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The employees now experience a noticeable improvement in their seating comfort. They feel more relaxed, sit in a more correct posture, and enjoy an increased overall comfort throughout the workday.

For NYG Advertising Agency, ensuring that employees can work comfortably, especially given the considerable amount of time they spend seated, is crucial. The Malmstolen office chairs have proven to be a successful investment towards achieving this goal, and employees now report increased productivity and satisfaction with their working conditions. This case study underscores how the right ergonomic equipment and customization can positively impact the workplace environment and employee satisfaction.


Mjøndalen, Norway

Kjellmann Office

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