The Journey to Comfort for Norvik Revisjon with Malmstolen

Creating a comfortable and productive work environment is of significant importance for Norvik Revisjon's overall success as a company. In collaboration with Malmstolen and Inventum Normøre, they have chosen to share their positive experiences with Malmstolen's office chairs and how these have concretely improved the workplace for their dedicated team. Based in Kristiansund, they have implemented high-quality office chairs to enable a more ergonomic and pleasant work environment.

Within Norvik Revisjon, where the staff spends a significant part of the workday sitting, it was a natural choice to invest in high-quality chairs. Kjetil Johnsen, an auditor at Norvik Revisjon, shares the insight behind their decision: "We spend a lot of time sitting, and when we founded the company, it was a strategic decision to equip our workplace with the best possible, making us a more attractive employer.".

Employees at Norvik Revisjon testify to positive experiences with Malmstolen's office chairs. Johnsen emphasizes, "We sit so comfortably and supportive that we barely think about sitting. The chairs are easy to vary and adjust to different sitting positions, providing us with a healthy and productive variation during the workday.".

The integration of Malmstolen's products has had tangible positive effects on Norvik Revisjon's work environment. Johnsen further explains, "The products, combined with guidance and ergonomic customization from Inventum Nordmøre, have effectively contributed to avoiding issues related to prolonged sitting.".

The investment in high-quality office chairs not only raises the standard in the workplace but also promotes a healthy and pleasant work environment for Norvik Revisjon's team. Johnsen concludes: "We are very satisfied and sit incredibly well."

Norvik Revisjon AS

Kristiansund, Norge

Inventum Nordmøre

Classic 4000

Fame 60999, Gabriel