New controls on Active R7 and 7000/W

Easier to use – better ergonomics

The way we use our workspace changes over time. With activity-based offices and flex offices, we can use the office space more efficiently, but unfortunately often at the expense of ergonomics and work environment. This is because when several people use the same work tool, it is difficult to adapt them to individual working methods and physical conditions. Ease of use is part of the ergonomics. That’s why we are constantly developing every detail to make it easier for you to use the products – and to sit correctly. With simpler grips to get the chair set correctly, you can sit well, regardless of which chair you are sitting on at the moment. To get the right balance in the chair, you simply adjust the swing’s resistance by turning the grip on the right side of the chair. Close in front of it you will find the height adjustment. On the left side of the chair you can easily lock the mechanism.

Focus R7 – right for you and simple to use

Are you sitting a little longer but still want the simplest possible settings? Then the Focus R7 is the right chair for you. With improved user-friendliness and newly developed controls, we have made the Focus R7 the optimal hybrid between an Active and an Individual seat. The settings are easy to access, easy to understand and easy to use. Simply user-friendly.

Find out more about Focus R7 here