Optimal Working Posture: Malmstolen's Role in NAV Midtre Namdal's Work Environment

NAV Midtre Namdal plays a pivotal role in Norway's welfare system with a clear societal mission: to provide social and economic security and to promote the transition to work and activity. With the vision of "We give people opportunities", NAV focuses on creating an inclusive society, a working environment where everyone can participate, and a functioning job market. NAV is more than just an organization; it's an essential part of the safety net in the Norwegian welfare state. In line with these values and objectives, NAV Midtre Namdal has set high standards for its health and safety at work:

  • To promote a working environment that prioritizes mastery, health, and well-being.
  • To ensure that all employees feel involved in processes that affect them.
  • To guarantee that each employee feels they have a safe workplace.

Within this context, workplace design and ergonomics are of utmost importance. With an activity-based workplace approach, NAV Midtre Namdal has crafted a flexible environment that supports the varied needs of their employees – whether they seek quiet concentration or collaborative spaces.

Malmstolen was chosen as part of this strategy, recommended by the Lindbak store in Namsos. The chairs embody NAV's values and objectives by offering individual comfort and adjustability. This enables employees to find their optimal working position, which in turn reflects NAV's commitment to giving people opportunities.

"A great office chair with ample adjustment possibilities for the individual, yet user-friendly. Very satisfied" - Employee at NAV Midtre Namdal.

Since the introduction of Malmstolen, the NAV Midtre Namdal team has reported positive feedback. This serves as a potent reminder that the right chair can be a significant contributor to health, well-being, and productivity.


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