Malmstolen and Molde Football Club: A victory for Ergonomics and Health

Molde Football Club, known for its successes on the football field, is now taking a significant step to ensure health and well-being off the field as well. Through a collaboration with Malmstolen and Kontorvarehuset Møre og Romsdal, the club has made a strategic decision to improve the working environment for its staff – from coaches and physiotherapists to administrative personnel.

In a world where top performance is the norm, Molde Football Club realizes that success is not only about what happens on the field but also about creating an optimal working environment for its support team. By choosing Malmstolen's ergonomic chairs – Active R3, 7000, and 7000 wide – tailored to the different needs of the employees, Molde FC is investing in the health and comfort of its workforce.

With Molde FC's multifaceted work environment in mind, the chairs were customized to meet specific needs. For the mobile team of coaches and support staff, where flexibility is key, Active R3 provides an ideal solution. Its easy adjustment options offer quick adaptation and optimal support for various users. For administrative staff, who spend longer periods at their desks, the need for individual adjustment and comfort is even more crucial. Here, models 7000 and 7000 wide come in as crucial factors for a healthy sitting position throughout the workday.

"We are extremely satisfied with our new Malmstolen chairs. They meet our needs for good ergonomics and seating comfort. It is noticeable how these chairs have improved our working environment" says Odin Holm Olsen, CFO of Molde FK. The staff has reported positive changes, and it is clear that Malmstolen's products have made a difference.

This collaboration between Malmstolen and Molde Football Club is more than just a business relationship; it is a fusion of expertise in ergonomics, health, and sports. By combining Malmstolen's specialized knowledge with Molde FK's commitment to health and well-being, we have created a working environment that not only supports but actively promotes the well-being of the staff.

Malmstolen's commitment to ergonomics and Molde FK's pursuit of health and well-being for all its employees reflect a shared vision: to create a work environment where each employee can perform at their best while feeling good. This partnership is a shining example of how thoughtful design and care for the well-being of the staff can lead to a more productive and healthy workplace.

Molde FK

Molde, Norway

Classic 7000, Active R3

Cura 65105, Gabriel