Prioritizing Health and Well-Being at Heidelberg Materials

Heidelberg Materials, a leading manufacturer of prefabricated concrete elements and concrete-based solutions in Sweden, has its headquarters in Växjö and operates production and sales at 13 locations across the country. Additionally, they have an extensive international licensing operation in track technology, with technology now in use in around 30 countries across nearly all continents.

The company is characterized by a corporate culture that highly values its employees, customers, and suppliers. At Heidelberg Materials, they have about 60 employees, each with their own offices.

"Before the introduction of Malmstolen, we faced challenges with back problems among some of our employees. After opting for Malmstolen's products, we have seen positive results. Although we can't measure the effect precisely, we have noticed that the staff are more satisfied and experience fewer back problems. We believe that Malmstolen's products have contributed to improving the work environment and employee health, resulting in a positive impact that, although hard to measure, is significant for our operations." Andreas Engdahl, Purchase Manager at Heidelberg Materials

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Växjö, Sverige

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