Finans Norge Raises the Bar with Malmstolen's Health-Promoting Office Chairs!

In the heart of Oslo, you'll find the headquarters of Finans Norge. With a workforce of around 150 employees, the company faced a significant challenge: to find an ergonomic office chair that suits every individual in their open office landscape. The answer to this challenge - Malmstolen.

Finans Norge's quest for the perfect office chair led them to Malmstolen, recommended by their ergonomic specialist. With its ability to adapt to a broad user group, Malmstolen offers a combination of flexible adjustment options. Additionally, its compact design seamlessly fits into the modern office landscape.

The challenge was clear: to find a chair that was not only ergonomic but also versatile enough to fit 'everyone.' By choosing Malmstolen, Finans Norge could meet these needs. "We needed a good and versatile office chair that suits 'everyone,'" explains Hilde Brænna from Finans Norge.

Experiences with Malmstolen have been very positive. When the rare occasion of errors or shortcomings has arisen, solutions have been quick and easy, thanks to efficient service and support.

At Finans Norge, they work in an open office landscape where each workplace is tailored to the individual user. This personalized approach has resulted in very satisfied employees and low absenteeism related to strain injuries.

Since the introduction of Malmstolen's products, Finans Norge has observed noticeable positive effects. "New employees coming to us are pleasantly surprised when they get a specially tailored workplace with correct settings from Malmstolen," adds Brænna. The overall experience of sitting in Malmstolen's office chairs is very positive.

In the office, model 4000 from Malmstolen dominates, with a total of about 140 chairs, indicating a significant investment in employee well-being.

Finans Norge's commitment to ergonomics and well-being through Malmstolen is a shining example of how the right working environment can make a positive difference.

Finans Norge

Oslo, Norway

Classic 4000

Select 60999, Gabriel