Malmstolen and Digiwise – a partnership in creating Sweden's Most stylish offices

Since its launch in 2017, Digiwise has seen remarkable growth, a success story that culminated in the construction of their new headquarters in the historic Melkerhuset, nestled in the heart of Västerås, in 2020. Founders Sonny Eriksson and Lucas Andersson have always harbored a clear vision for the company - to curate the ultimate workplace and emerge as the go-to partner for businesses looking to cut through the digital clutter and succeed online.

Digiwise AB

Västerås, Sweden

Classic 4000

Fame Hybrid 1301, Gabriel

Their success and growth are a testament to their focus on well-being and joy at work, reflected in the office design. Since its inception, they prioritized ergonomics, part of their mission to create the ultimate workspace. Their partnership with Peter, a salesman from Malmstolen, began in 2017, sharing a vision to promote health and productivity. Beyond ergonomics, Digiwise high values promoting wellness and health in the workplace.

Their journey, starting from a home kitchen six years ago, has seen dreams that extended far beyond its four walls. For Digiwise, the ultimate workplace meant investing in top-notch tools and equipment – from high-quality screens and computers to desks and office chairs.

Guided by Digiwise's visions, the development of the interior concept was realized in close collaboration with real estate company Kungsleden and construction company Nybyggar'n. Interior architects Dora Alexandra Nacsa and Sara Sundin brought Digiwise's vision to life, creating a harmonious whole with carefully selected interior details, thoughtful color schemes, and a well-planned room disposition.

This clear vision and devotion to execution led to Digiwise's nomination for "Sweden's Most Stylish Office 2021," where they proudly clinched second place. Every detail in their office echoes the ambition to create a workspace that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, a place where success, joy at work, and growth truly go hand in hand.

Malmstolen has been part of Digiwise's journey from the company's very early days in the founders' kitchen, where it all started. When it was time for the company to expand and move to its current office, it was a natural decision to continue investing in Malmstolen. Investing in ergonomics was not just about ensuring employees were comfortable, but also a reflection of Digiwise's values - putting employees at the center.

"We strive to create the most attractive workplace, and we place a lot of emphasis on ergonomics. Our staff appreciates our focus on the work environment, and we notice that they feel valuable. Some come from workplaces where it wasn't the same priority, and they are surprised by our ambition." Sonny Eriksson, Partner Digiwise

Digiwise is a prime example of how a strong focus on work environment and ergonomics - assisted by products like Malmstolen's - can create an inspiring workspace where employees thrive, perform at their peak, and feel valued.