Collaboration between BDO and Malmstolen: Comfort meets Efficiency

BDO has a work environment that combines open office landscapes with individual offices. The organizational culture is characterized by close collaboration and the sharing of skills and experience across service areas. BDO's values are to be "Open, Close, and Brave." These values reflect a corporate culture with a high degree of relational skill, innovative thinking, and a willingness to challenge both oneself and customers.

BDO came into contact with Malmstolen through their furniture supplier, Lindbak. The choice fell on the Malmstolen Classic 4000 because of its many adjustment options and because it aligns well with BDO's focus on a healthy and productive work environment.

After implementing Malmstolen in the work environment, BDO has noticed several positive effects. The chair offers a range of settings, allowing it to be individually adjusted for employees. In addition, BDO has appreciated the assistance from Malmstolen in adjusting the chairs.

"A solid quality chair that lasts for many years," states Kari Robertsen, a senior office employee at BDO.

The synergy between Malmstolen's products and BDO's work environment has created a win-win situation for both parties. Malmstolen's focus on high quality and individual adjustment complements BDO's own emphasis on a healthy, open, and brave work environment. This serves as a strong reminder that the right chair can be a significant contributor to health, well-being, and productivity.




Classic 4000