Balco AB and Malmstolen's Active R3: A Perfect Match for the Work Environment

Balco AB, headquartered in the Småland region of Växjö, is a market-leading player in the development, manufacturing, sale, and installation of proprietary balcony systems.

In the midst of an exciting expansion period, Balco AB in Växjö saw an opportunity to improve its work environment. Through a collaboration with Input Interiör and a transition to Malmstolen's Active R3, Balco AB has created a work environment that not only supports but also encourages the well-being of each employee.

With its dynamic work environment consisting of both traditional offices and open workspaces, Balco AB faced a challenge: to find a chair that was not only ergonomically designed but also adaptable for a diverse staff group. The solution was found in Malmstolen's Active R3 - a model praised for its adaptability and ability to suit a wide range of users.

This chair is particularly appreciated for its user-friendliness - a quick adjustment of seat height and back support, and the chair is ready for the day's work.

"We wanted a chair that everyone in the office could use and feel comfortable in. With the Active R3, we found just that. Its simple adjustments allow everyone to quickly achieve their perfect seating position," says Jesper Magnusson, Balco AB.

The new chairs have been well received, and many experience Malmstolen as a significant upgrade compared to previous models.

Balco AB's experience demonstrates the importance of the right work chair, and how such an upgrade can positively change the entire work environment. Through this partnership with Input Interiör and Malmstolen, Balco AB has not only improved its work environment but also proven its commitment to supporting the health and comfort of its employees.

Balco AB

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