Malmstolen helps Aim'n to create an ergonomic workplace

In Collaboration with Input Interiör

Aim'n, a rapidly growing company known for high-quality women's sportswear and activewear, made the move to further enhance their employees' working environment at the start of 2023.

The company opened a new office in Getinge with a focus on health and well-being, aligning with their values. Input Interiör provided the perfect solution with the R3 chair from the Active series, tailored for a dynamic, young workforce, which perfectly suited Aim'n, a company aspiring to inspire an active and healthy lifestyle.

When Aim'n opened their new office in Getinge, they were faced with the challenge of creating a work environment that reflected the company's vision of an active lifestyle. The company cares about its staff and wanted to offer an ergonomic workplace that promotes health and well-being. They saw the move as an opportunity to upgrade their workspace with new, ergonomic office chairs.

Input Interiör introduced Aim'n to Malmstolen's Active R3 office chair. The R3 is a simple, ergonomic chair that's easy to adjust, perfect for Aim'n's young, dynamic staff who often switch workplaces. After seeing the chair and its benefits, Aim'n chose the R3 chair with armrests and without a headrest. Black fabric was chosen to match the company's other furnishings.

Malmstolen also offered ergonomics training, which was greatly appreciated by Aim'n's staff. The training ensured that the staff understood how to correctly adjust and use the chairs to take advantage of their ergonomic benefits.

By choosing Malmstolen's R3 chairs and taking part in the ergonomics training, Aim'n has created a working environment that supports the health and well-being of its staff. The communication and follow-up from Input Interiör have continued with Aim'n, contributing to a smooth transition to the new chairs.

"The collaboration between us at Input and Malmstolen has truly been top-notch. Everything from trial chairs to joint visits throughout the journey has been easy and quick to arrange. A reliable supplier that always delivers on its promises. Fantastic service and reassurance to have a representative present after delivery to the customer, to ensure the staff's understanding of how the chair works and how to consider sitting in the Malmstolen." Peter Wedenryd, Input Interiör.

Aim Apparel AB

Getinge, Sweden

Input Interiör

Active R3

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