Balanced Ergonomics and Design with the Active R3

Our latest innovation, Active R3, seamlessly combines style with functionality for the modern workspace. The chair is designed not only for activity-based offices and diverse workdays but is also perfect for individual users

With its self-adjusting mechanism and self-molding back, it fits up to 95% of all users.

By including Malmstolen in your project, you make a clear commitment to sustainability, health, and enhanced productivity.

Through our collaboration with leading textile suppliers like Gabriel, a Malmstol can be customized to blend with a variety of work environments, simultaneously elevating comfort and productivity to a new level.

Discover this season's new shades from Gabriel's Capture palette, where Active R3 becomes the perfect choice to introduce a delightful ambiance to the workspace.

"Our new color range offers 59 deep and inspiring hues, each with its own poetic essence – from calming blue shades to energizing warm oranges. These colors not only seamlessly integrate into various work environments, they also harmonize perfectly with a range of materials.” - Gabriel