Our history

Meeting at the right time

It all started in 1994, at a dock in Hunnebostrand, Sweden That is where Dick Malm and Australian Scott Larson met during a family reunion. As they watched the sun disappearing into the ocean, Scott mentioned a new worldwide patent on chair back supports that had come to his attention. They discussed whether this would be interesting for the European market and agreed it would – there were no work chairs of such sophistication available.

Malmstolen has grown since then. What began with a few prototypes around the ping-pong table in the Malm family basement has become one of the world's leading companies offering Scandinavian ergonomics. Malmstolen has found its market not only in Sweden but also in other European countries whose companies want to create ergonomically sound workplaces for their employees. And if you have tried sitting in a Malmstolen, chances are you will want to continue.

  • Based on research and proven facts

    Our ambition has always been to develop ergonomic work and office chairs that prevent and mitigate strain injuries caused by sitting. We do this by following research development in strain ergonomics, both in Sweden and internationally. Biomechanics, physiology and neurophysiology are particularly important areas. Research is continuously advancing, and new findings affect how the work tools of the future are shaped and designed. Structures are improved, materials are replaced and working methods are fine-tuned. What never change are the laws of physics, human anatomy and the body's need for support, relief, relaxation and movement. For us, the challenge for the future is therefore to continue to follow the changes to how we work and match this need with ergonomically adapted chairs. Because a chair is never better than its configuration.