About Malmstolen

Malmstolen AB was built as a genuine family business with a great ambition – to create world-class ergonomic seating solutions for a more human-focused work environment. The development is based on thorough research and accepted facts, production takes place according to high environmental requirements, and customer contact is always made by well-trained sales people. Because the Malmstolen brand has a built-in pride and sense of quality, something that permeates every product that leaves the factory and the organization behind them. With a new ownership of Flokk AB, we continue just as before, with the same ambition.

It is impossible to be interested in the well-being of others without at the same time caring about the environment. As the only Swedish actor, we have environmentally certified our entire product range according to the eco-label Nordic Swan's new and stricter criteria. The purpose of the Nordic Swan and Möbelfakta certifications is to help the consumer choose the best products on the market from an environmental and quality perspective. The vision is a sustainable society where the environmental certifications contribute to sustainable consumption. Our ability to offer a 5 - 10 year guarantee on our products is directly linked to this.
Through our work, we want to contribute to a positive change. For yourself, for your workplace and for our planet.


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