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Give me 15 minutes...

A standard Malmstol chair suits most people rather well. But take a little while to adjust your chair to suit your body and your work tasks and you will enjoy even more benefits from your new chair. Fifteen minutes is enough. You can then sit for long periods.

  1. Seat height
  2. Seat depth
  3. Backrest setting - height
  4. Backrest setting - incline
  5. Open/lock tilt
  6. Torsion of the tilt
  7. Neckrest

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  • Seat height

    Adjust the height by lifting the front lever on the right side. When you release the lever locks the height position.

    The lower you have the chair, the farther back against the backrest, you should sit. The higher you have it, the farther forward on the seat, you sit. Are you sitting too high and completely close to the backrest, the seat can be perceived as wide. It is designed to offer variety.

  • Seat depth

    Adjust the seat depth using the control under the seat on the left side. Release the control to lock the seat in the preferred position.

    You should be able to sit perfectly against the backrest without feeling the rear edge of the seat.

  • Backrest setting - height

    Grip the backrest with both hands. Lean slightly forwards, lifting the backrest to its highest position. Raise or lower the backrest until you feel the curvature of the backrest follows your back S-curvature. It should be like parallel lines. This will give you support all the way down from the lower back, through the lordosis and you also support the shoulder blades underneath.

    When you have reached the desired position, simply release the backrest.

  • Backrest setting - incline

    Lift the rear lever on the right side. Set the backrest inclination with body weight. By tilting the backrest slightly forward, this helps you to straighten up mainly upper back if this tends to sag, which can sometimes happen if the backrest itself is too reclined. Release the lever when the seat back is in the desired position.

  • Open/lock tilt

    Under the seat on left side, pull the knop out to open the tilt. To lock, tilt maximum forward and push the knob in again.

  • Torsion of the tilt

    Set the torsion of the knee-tilt mechanism by turning the round knob forwards under the seat. The seat must follow your movements gently and not hit the bottom immediately when you lean backwards.

    As it appears on the film becomes the tilt harder by turning the knob in the thumb pointing direction, and softer in its tensile direction.

  • Neckrest

    The head rest has two joints to enable it to receive your head and give good support.